ARIN - Kano

ARIN  is the umbrella body for all Radiologists and Radiotherapists in Nigeria.

Radiologists are MEDICAL DOCTORS who have gone further to specialize in an aspect of Medicine that uses various imaging modalities to make diagnosis of diseases. The postgraduate medical doctor who specializes in Radiology is known as a Consultant Radiologist.

The Consultant Radiologist having had a sound medical background with comprehensive post-graduate training is certified and entrusted with the responsibility of directing image acquisition, interpretation of the images and making an accurate diagnosis in the effective treatment of patients.

In the line of his/her work, the Consultant Radiologist has other health workers/professionals that assist in various forms or the other to produce the images.

Some of the health professionals are: Radiographers, Radiology Nurses, Darkroom Technicians, Records staff, etc.


(a.)  To promote the achievement and maintenance of the highest standard of radiology and radiotherapy practices or services throughout Nigeria.

(b.)  To promote the professional development of radiology and radiotherapy specialty and other allied services and specialty.

(c.)  To promote the development of science and assist in scientific research work relating to all fields pertaining to radiology and Radiotherapy and to cooperate in research for new knowledge in these fields.

(d.) To consider and regularly review national health issues pertaining to radiology and radiotherapy services and advise the government appropriately.

(e.) To advise on and regulate  radiology and radiotherapy services  in the  various  health institution in Nigeria as well as recommend  policies to appropriate institution  and bodies  as may  be determined  from time to time 

(f.) To promote the welfare of the members of the association in Nigeria

(g.)  To uphold the ethics of radiology and radiotherapy practices in Nigeria at all times.

(h.)  to cooperate with organizations which have similar aims and objectives.

(i.) To develop and improve the exchange of information and ideas and to contribute to the improvement of teaching standards, as well as promote international cooperation and facilitate relationships between related and affiliated bodies of radiology and radiotherapy professions.

(j.) to present members at scientific research, conferences and symposia, legal, constitutional and allied matters related to the practice of radiology and radiotherapy.

(k.)   to organize or assist in the organization of international seminars, international congresses, workshops and allied matters related to radiology and radiotherapy professions.

(l.)  To prepare, publish or assist in the publication of journals, magazines, workshops and allied matters pamphlets books or memorandum, etc. that may be considered useful to radiology or radiotherapy professionals.

(M.)  to foster the initiation and development of all activities aiming at the attainment of a high standard of practice of the radiology and radiotherapy profession in Nigeria as well as the welfare of members.